The Importance of Preserving Our Marine Biodiversity

Our marine environment supports a diverse range of sea life and acts as a platform for their survival. As a factor of cultural and social well-being, our ocean’s resources tend to contribute to our economy. But that alone does not sum up their importance because one needs to see the bigger picture. Due to that, we will decode the importance of preserving marine biodiversity with the hope that all creatures and organisms can live in a world of their own.

1. Indigenous Biodiversity

The most important and common aspect of marine biodiversity comes from the fact that it supports indigenous biodiversity. Regardless of the many factors that come into the picture, a range of sea life can be found in our ocean’s and that ought to be the main reason why we need to preserve the same. Moreover, these marine habitats and ecosystems need to be a part of the picture as the definition of biodiversity tends to include the same.


From ecologically productive offshore waters to habitat for sperm whales, one will find it all here. Since these species and organisms cannot live in any other part of the world, one needs to make things accessible by preserving all that we have.

2. Supports Our Economy

As we mentioned earlier, the marine environment supports our economy as it promotes numerous activities. Open-sea fisheries, fish farming, and other related activities belong to a particular industry whose growth is dependent on the marine environment. Apart from that, one will also come across oil and gas production in this regard as they come from marine fields. Especially in New Zealand, oil and gas generate about $400 million a year in royalties.

To make matters interesting, they also extend their support to the tourism industry because activities like fishing, boating, etc. tend to act contributors to the economy. As a result, one can clearly state that the marine environment supports our economy.

3. The Inclusion of Recreation Activities


Recreational activities like fishing, diving, and boating are ones that are being carried throughout the world. People tend to practice the same at different coastal beaches and oceans, thus making it a universal thing. Due to that, recreational purposes stand to be complete with the marine environment. In addition to that, certain people from specific regions across the world use the marine environment for spiritual reasons and thus brings about the inclusion of culture.


One can go on and on about the preservation of marine biodiversity. But unless we begin to change our practices and look into the right set of steps, things will not change. So understand these points and move ahead to do all that counts.

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