Threats to Marine Environment That One Needs to Know About

The nature of damage that is being caused to marine entertainment is quite extensive, and one needs to look into it. As the impact that it causes tends to widen with quantity, they end up placing a considerable threat. So, to sum up, things and give you a clear idea of all that is going on, we decided to look into some of the biggest threats to the marine environment. Hence, go ahead and read it all out.

1. The Dumping Process

One among the most significant threats on this front comes in the form of dumping waste, and it is an activity that is being carried out on a daily basis. From industrial waste to sewage plants, humans are dumping a lot into the ocean, and things have already crossed the limit. Moreover, since most of these waste include chemicals, the threat to marine life is not something that we can ignore. Considering the fact that around two-thirds of marine lives in the world have been under threat due to chemical waste, it is a serious matter of concern.

2. Dredging



Dredging is an activity that enhances marine transportation and various other activities related to the same. Since we are more concerned about expanding industrial activities, dredging has taken shape to evolve as a bigger threat that one could imagine. As the process moves forward, the deposits submerged underwater will be removed, and the composition of the soil will be lost. Due to that, the aspect of destruction enters the scene, and creatures and organisms will be placed under the same threat.

3. Acidification

Ocean acidification is the constant decrease of seawater caused by the absorption of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. As a result, it has the power to endanger the lives of marine organisms and place them in a bad position. Apart from that, studies have also talked about the decreased ph levels and how they tend to affect the behaviour pattern of marine species and put them under life-threatening risks. As a result, the direction in which we are proceeding is not a good one.

4. Land Runoff

The waste coming from nonpoint sources happens as a result of a process known as runoff. Land runoff or surface runoff are essential aspects that bring in another form of threat to marine life. Since things can also get mixed, toxic chemicals are also bound to enter the picture and further raise the level of risk. As a result, the different species that live underwater will face the brunt of such actions. So stepping forward to raise awareness and thinking about a solution is the right thing that we need to do.

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